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Bugs analysis and prevention

Specific experiences from a decade of quality assessments

Examining a code base in terms of its bugs allows to identify their specific causes – and helps to prevent them

Software Bugs correspond to the number of missing tests or assertions. Hence, in this talk, we adopt a more unusual perspective: Starting with a close look at a bug, we deduce what we can - and to be honest, should - test.

We present an easy-to-implement approach to bug analysis - clearly aiming to find structural deficits specific to your project code. It is usually observed that bugs are not evenly distributed throughout the code, they occur only in certain parts of it.

This knowledge helps us to prevent bugs, turning every bug into a test is a good way to reduce the bugs natural habitat. The approach presented here raises creative ways to test and automate things in the development team. The resulting increase in sensitivity to bugs ultimately leads to better bug prevention.

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