Would Heu-Risk it: What’s in the cards for you?

Moderator/Host: Someone to help facilitate the guests. To be decided Fortune teller: Lena WGuests: From the audience. As many as we have time for, depending on time and complexity of question

Imagine standing outside a dark tent. After a slight hesitation you pass through the beaded curtains and enter a dimly lit room. Someone sits behind a round table with a crystal ball and a deck of cards. They gesture toward the single chair placed in front of the table. As you sit down, they draw a card and place it on the table in front of you. A husky voice tells you a tale of great fortune, a tragic death and a mysterious dark lover. Can you picture it? Now imagine that instead of a fortune teller you get Lena Wiberg. Instead of a dimly lit tent you get a brightly lit conference space. And the tarot deck is actually a deck of “Would heu-risk it?” “Would Heu-Risk It?” is a deck of 30 cards with tools, traps and weapons for software testing (Heck, maybe even life in general!). It explores things such as risk, heuristics, anti-patterns and common coding problems in a light-hearted tone. They are described as “A fun way to get your team to overcome unconscious bias, think laterally, and possibly identify and mitigate those ‘unknown unknown’ risks". In this interactive session, participants share their (one!) problem and through the “Would Heu-risk it?” cards we explore potential solutions. Come prepared with a challenge and let’s see if the stars align to guide us.

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