Winning with imposter syndrome: a community effort

Imposter syndrome isn’t our failing as individuals. There are many cultural and business systems that sap our confidence and make us feel excluded or insufficient. Let’s find ways to fight that.

Imposter syndrome - why do we have it? (spoiler: it's not always our own insecurity!) Why do so many talented people seem to suffer from it? What larger forces are at play? Veerle and Lisa believe that we, as a community, can think of ways to avoid feeling victimized by imposter syndrome. In this workshop, we will look at various factors that may be feeding our 'inner critics'. Then, participants - whether or not they suffer from imposter syndrome themselves - will collaborate to come up with new ideas to push back on the drivers of imposter syndrome. Veerle and Lisa will guide participants through small group brainstorming sessions to better understand imposter syndrome and generate ideas to overcome it. The outcomes of the workshop will be shared with the larger community via a blog post after the conference. (Note: personal experiences shared will not be included in the blog post, or if the participant wants it included, will be anonymized as desired).