What I learned about testing from Improvisation Theater.

Sometimes shape your skills in the most unexpected ways.

Improvisation Theater helps you to develop specific skills. Also testers’ skills.

Testers that work in an Agile environment need to be flexible and adaptive. In order to be effective they need to observe what is happening and respond to it by adapting their approach. Wheter this is a buggy piece of software that needs further testing, time-lines that shift or changes in the organisation, we have to respond quickly in a constructive manner. In this workshop we will use IMPROV teather to sharpen our axes. With improvisation theatre you have to accept suggestion made by your team player, you might have a plan, but you’ll need to adjust it based on your observations. You’ll allowed to do something unexpected but should always mind the team result. In this workshop we will explain three IMPROV skills and train them in an exercise or a scene. These skills are accepting, observing and looking back. As a group we will translate how we can use these skills in testing. This way you will improve your testing skills on a deeper level and become a better tester. And we will have a lot of fun doing IMPROV! And please wear sneakers. You will play a lot, so you will walk around a lot

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