Transformative Learning Brings Greater Agility

Sociocracy Circles and Consent Decision-Making Support Transformative, Agile Learning

You don’t live in reality, you live in your story about reality. Transformative team reflection changes that reality story. See how sociocracy tools support this deep learning process.

We often find ourselves dealing with problems in retrospectives, sprint planning meetings, and challenges not just in Information Technology but anywhere in the company. Typically we try to solve a problem by analyzing its content and characteristics. Or, two, we look at the techniques and approaches others are using to try to solve it. In this interactive workshop, we will look at a third approach, which involves also looking at you, the problem solver. What are your premises and assumptions, and what purpose does the problem serve for you? This transformative learning approach is a way to handle complexity and disorienting dilemmas that can lead to deep learning, permanent changes in behavior, and increased capacity to work in an agile way. Furthermore, to learn transformative methods, it’s not necessary to wait around for a complex or disorienting problem to occur. Tools of a governance method called sociocracy can support transformative techniques in everyday situations. In the workshop participants will experience transformative learning through a variety of interactive exercises that employ such sociocracy tools as rounds, blind spots, both/and thinking, and consent decision making.

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Active Session

13:20-13:30 Room F1+F2+F3 - Plenary


Bonus Session

14:45-16:45 Room D3+D4 - Track 8: Bonus Sessions

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45-minute Keynote

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