The ultimate chillout: mindfullness with IT twist

As above so below. Make all tests run green in your head and unfold the ultimate relaxation experience.

QA is often put in a space of psychological pressure. We want to supportyou by providing proven mindfulness tools that you can continue using every day.

Everyone feels a little bit of stress, even more in the last 2-3 years. But little do they know about everyday pressure, stress, and burnout in IT. Especially when everyone wants their pizza ordered by an app PRONTO. No place for failure. So if you feel like you need a pause or rejuvenation of your emotional energy join us. We are using simple, proven, and working techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime. That includes: breathing techniques, mindfulness, bodywork. Alex and Marta will make sure you have a good relaxing time for your body and mind to prepare for the day [morning mediation] or re-charge after a day full of activities [afternoon meditation].

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