Leverage mobile app tests for API tests

Get more out of your mobile app tests on Sauce Labs by using the HAR file for API testing

Mobile app tests the functionality of the frontend. Issues could have their root causes in the used APIs. Make use of a HAR file to validate API responses and test the endpoints and monitor them.

APIs are the foundation of all modern applications. They enable and facilitate communication between different systems like a website and its backend system or when having a micro services architecture. Issues in your mobile app can therefore have their root cause in the APIs they use.

Join Yi Min Yang, Senior Solution Engineer at Sauce Labs, as he shows you how to run manual and automated Appium tests on Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud and then uses the resulting HAR file for API testing and monitoring. Your take aways will include:

- How to test mobile apps on Sauce Labs Real Devices

- How to use Sauce Labs API Testing Solution for API testing and monitoring

- A minimal working code example

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