Impro! (or Whose Test is it Anyway?)

Improvisation skills for work and fun

Improvisation can be learned (yes, even within one workshop!)

A workshop that will bring you new skills, energy and fun! Do you recognise this?: Someone asks you a question. And the answer (which you absolutely do know) won’t come to mind. Someone asks you to act. But you don't know what to do. Someone asks for your opinion. But nothing comes to mind... We've all experienced moments like that. And wondered what we could have done. The answer is simple: We could have improvised! Improvisation isn’t difficult. It isn’t something only a happy few are good at: Everyone can improvise! That’s because improvisation is based on a few, simple skills which everyone (yes, you too!) can master. In this interactive workshop, René will share his passion for and 21 years of experience with improvisation with you! After a short introduction into the improvisation basics (accept, define, transform and above all:“be in the moment”) we’ll start putting the theory into practice. We’ll use short exercises (in pairs and small groups) to start with, and longer exercises as you get into improvisation more and more. At the end of the workshop, you´ll master the basics of improvisation. René´s experiences as an improvisation coach and as tester combine the testing and improvisation worlds into a great playground to learn, act and amaze even yourself! Are you curious about your undiscovered improvisation potential? Join this workshop, and unleash the creative powers inside yourself!

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