Healthy Living for Desk Dwellers

Test your current state of health and learn what you can do for years to come

Do you want to invest in your health? Let me help you!

You’re a modern desk dweller, either working from home or at the office. Your job has you sitting for long stretches of time and after work you also have plenty of other things to do.

This might mean that your physical health isn’t your top priority or you think “I’ll work on that later, when it becomes a problem”. In this workshop I want you to take a moment and think about your health right here and now. I want to help you with practical things you can do to prioritise healthy living, even if you lead a busy life.

I want to tell you right here: there will be NO JUDGEMENT in this workshop. You are fine as you are and I believe you should change from a place of self-love. That said, this is what I want to cover in the workshop: I'll briefly explain why you should prioritise having a healthy lifestyle, what the long-term effects of being overweight or obese can be. Then, we'll move on to practical steps.

You'll think about a long-term reason why you personally want to do your best to stay healthy. I'll help you calculate your daily caloric needs. We'll go over why you don't ever want to go on a crash diet and how you should approach losing weight so the results stick. I'll explain what macro-nutrients are and how you can build meals with a good ratio of macro-nutrients. We will also discuss challenges that you will face. How do you combine healthy living with a job that has you sat on a chair most of the time? What do you do when people keep bringing candy to the office that you can't resist?

At the end of the workshop, you will have made your own overview consisting of: your "why" to stay (or get to) a healthy weight, your daily caloric needs, a list of your personal challenges when it comes to healthy living and what you can do to face those challenges. You’ll know where to start if you choose to make changes.

I'm giving this workshop as part of my graduation to become a Nutrition Coach. I would really appreciate it if you can fill in an evaluation form afterwards. I also want to take some photo's as proof that I gave this workshop, so let me know if you don't want to appear in those.

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