Fairytale MIATPP Award Night

Once upon a time there was ... a lovely conference in a beautiful town that invited agile software testers from all over the world to a wonderful ball night

This year we are going to celebrate a fairytale ball night. Every year we invite all Agile Testing Days participants to a big social event in a relaxed atmosphere, paired with delicious food and an entertainment program. This evening is all about fun, networking and dancing. Since 2011, we have honored the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person (MIATPP) of the year in a lavish awards ceremony.

THIS YEAR'S DRESS CODE: fairytale costumes! Princesses, dragons, bad wolfes anything that your favourite fairytale has to offer. Welcome are any kind of fairytales from the all-time classics written by the Grimm Brothers over to Peter Pan, the Beauty and the Biest and any other classic fairytale of your country that your grandma loved to tell you when you were a child!

It is already a tradition to masquerade during the MIATPP Award Night! Se below all the themes we hand in the past:

- proper "Oktoberfest" in 2010

- spooky Halloween Party in 2013

- Carnival Night in 2014,  

- “Wild Wild West” Party in 2015,

- "Ho-Ho-Holy", but not Silent Night in 2016

- FUNTESTIC Super Hero Night in 2017

- glamorous Hollywood Gala in 2018 

- unforgetable 80s Glam Rock Party in 2019

- Intergalactic Space Party in 2020 [online edition]

- good ol' fifties Rock'n'Roll Party 

Don’t miss our exciting party and please make sure to get dressed in a costume or to wear at least some funny accessories. 

The social event will take place in the rooms F1–F3 

Please note: we are giving away free conference tickets for the best costumes! Check out the winners of the past years:

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