Creation of the Quality Radar

A visual alternative to the traditional Test Strategy that can be easily kept alive and relevant.

Creating the Quality Radar gave us a tool for visualising our quality approach. Learn about the inspiration behind the radar, the creation process and how to facilitate your teams to create their own.

When it comes to topics of quality the tech industry retains an old waterfall practice that seems to refuse to evolve. I’m talking about the frequent and insistent demands for documented test strategies and test plans. The kind of documentation that is out of date as soon as it’s written (if not before) and that breaches the agile manifesto value of “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. We acknowledge that we absolutely do need to have clear strategies for how our teams build quality into their products and processes, but suggest that we shouldn’t be doing that via dusty old (and boring) test strategies & plans that no-one reads anyway. Creating the Quality Radar has given us a tool for visualising a team's quality approach in a manner that is both easy to assess and understandable ‘at a glance’. As icing on the cake, the radar can be customised by a team in just 1 hour, freeing up volumes of time and energy to spend on quality activities themselves instead of formulaic document creation. *Talk* - we will share the inspiration for, and creation process of, this new and novel Quality Radar. *Workshop* - you will create your own quality radar templates and we will equip you with the knowledge you need to facilitate your own session with your teams.

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