Automating the web with Playwright

Test automation is a high demand skill for testers, so why not learn one of the hottest tools for doing so.

PLEASE NOTE: be sure to follow these instructions before the workshop starts: 


The demand for testers with automation skills has grown significantly over the last years; there’s barely a job ad for a tester, which doesn’t list automation among the required skills.

Playwright is the new kid on the block when it comes to automating web applications. It clearly outperforms similar tools like Cypress and Selenium, eg. it supports all major browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Safari), is way more reliable & stable than comparable tools. It’s a library automating the browser, available for some of the major programming languages (Javascript, .NET, Python & Java), and integrates well with other components of a test automation stack.

It’s thus a good choice to learn this tool to get some relevant skills for doing test automation on the UI.

If you want to start your test automation journey, this workshop is for you! Learning a GUI automation tool is a solid investment into your future as a software tester.

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