AI & Voice Assistants

Ensuring Quality of Smart Voice Assistants

There are many Voice Assistants available which help us in automating the routine daytoday work. The testing of Automated Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understand will be covered in the session

As per the future forecasts there will be ~8 billion Voice Assistants in use by 2023. There are many Popular Voice Assistants available i.e. Alexa, Siri, Bixby etc. How Voice Assistants (VA) help us in our routine life activities, there are many use cases. There are some major components i.e. Automated Speech Recognition(ASR), Natural Language Understanding(NLU) of any VA. How as a tester we can do the component level validation and what are the major areas related to ASR and NLU? This will cover the Test Environments of ASR and the key challenges of Indian English support will be covered and also the ASR Test approach. There are many End to End Quality Key Points for ASR, NLU, NLG, VOC, UX etc e.g. some of the key challenges for ASR are Test Environment conditions (Home, Office & Public), Diff. Vocabulary, Acoustic & Pronunciation (Gender & Age group), Listening & Security (False wakeup & Rejection) etc. The high level End to End of Voice Assistant tool will be covered. This will also cover the Future Challenges in the Voice Assistant areas. End to End Automation Tools.

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