Agile Testing Bots, program and roll out!

Test your color coding skills in this OZObot competition!

A fun competition! Form teams to compete with color code programmed OZObots!

Are you looking for a light weight session or perhaps a little fun break during the ATD program? Then please join us in our OZObot competition! It’s a fun bonus session where you can walk in at any time during the session. Form a team of 2 or 3 persons, grab an OZObot and compete with other teams! Or just watch other teams perform while you are programming and testing the OZObots in our little test corner.

So what is this all about: OZObots are programmed robots which follow colored lines on paper and can react to color codes within those lines. Each round the competing teams will be handed a new maze containing some letters. Then a word appears on the screen and the teams have to color code the maze in such a way that the robot will visit the right letters to form the right word while moving around. Of course there’s limited time! The first team hitting the buzzer can show their result first and can win a little prize!

You can also just walk in, have a look and watch others compete. Or visit our little test corner. There will be a few OZObots available which you can actually program or test yourselves.

So please come and join us, it will be fun!

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