Why Continuous Testing alone is not enough!

Testing and Test Automation specifically must be imbedded in the larger context of Value Stream Management and Delivery, it must not be an isolated action and does not affect only technical teams.

Traditional Model Based Testing is "classical" testing methodology, where tests are derived from Models within the boundaries of the "System under Test". The challange with that: Models needs to be created manually, so they are costly and labour intense to maintain. By automation the model-creation process we can significantly save costs (and time). The free time can be used to do other activities, e.g. doing more tests in parallel at the same time. If we look at that from a Value Stream Management perspective, manual created models are kind of a "waste". Instead, we need more AI, shift left and a truly intelligent platform, where test in embedded into all value creation activities, which are measured and evaluated against tru business value.

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