Test Management Made Easier

How to save 50% more precious time on QA tasks with TestGear

We're going to talk about time eaters in test management and how to avoid them. These include: - test case design, creation and upkeep; - test planning and reporting; - managing test automation

This Vendor Talk comes from TestGear - a software development company dedicated to making QA teams life better and brighter. TestGear is a test management system which unites manual and automated testing in a single space with transparent reporting and team collaboration. In this vendor talk, we are going to share our expertise and best practices on ways to make QA engineers work easier and reporting for PMs - crystal clear. TestGear is a TMS made by testers for testers, and we put a lot of effort into optimizing UX patterns. This helps QA teams cut time to perform ordinary tasks up to 50% faster. Peeling off clicks on specific tasks allows to speed up product delivery by 20%. The talk will cover: - best practices in test case design and management - test planning and reporting - integrations with CI/CD systems to deploy autotests in sync with manual testing - integrations with Jira and Azure DevOps to keep track of bugs and stories covered - building custom workflows for any team using roles, permissions and attributes - creating dashboards and using gamification across projects for transparency and team motivation

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