Resistance is futile

Dealing with resisting species encountered during an agile tester’s explorations of strange new worlds can be quite challenging. How to overcome this and grow as a team? Join our mission to find out!

This workshop explores underlying causes and ways to resolve behaviours of crew mates that don’t contribute to the overall of the team, and reluctance to change their ways.

Agile Testers are on a continuing mission: To explore strange, new programs. To seek bugs, and unknown features. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Unfortunately, especially under pressure, continuous improvement is usually the first to get jettisoned into space. Testers frequently deal with resistance, reluctance to change, and annoyance from our peers. Being able to deal with these situations skillfully, to help people improve even where they don’t see the need to don’t see any added value, is therefore very beneficial.

This mission offers you the opportunity to join the crew of the USS AgileTD to explore a quadrant of space, where there is much resistance. Should you choose to accept this mission into the final frontier, you will receive training on ‘verwonderen’, kindle your empathy and boost your ability to take different perspectives to resistance, delay judgement, and have your crew mates lower their shields in order to continue on your common journey together.

During the mission, you will be briefed and assigned to a variety of away missions, where you will assess moments where you encountered resistance and consider how to resolve these situations more effectively. Not by forcing your way of working onto others, but easing them into a more open mindset.

Note: Crew members who sign up for this mission will not be put in harm's way. The away missions will not consist of beaming down to any planet and will solely consist of simulations in the classroom or holodeck. Drinks in Ten Forward afterwards.

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