Modern Development Teams and Testing

VIP limit for the Testing columns, Unit Tests and the PO approves the outcome is enough? Agile Teams are still missing major testing methods and thinking

You are not responsible for the product quality! It's the responsibility of the entire team and you are part of it

If you ask me, there is still a lack of understanding when it comes to agile production and the need for testing experts. Especially with modern teams, who have to manage their testings. "Why do I need QA?", often a common question of managers. "It's working also without" – also a well-known fallacy and common problem in a lot of expert areas. For example, a team has started a new project, and the manager decided that a DevOps Engineer is not required. The team will do some research to find the right tools as well as a cloud plan and is finally starting configuring their pipelines.  Up to here, it's ok. Only some more time has been invested. The bad side effect ... the scenario is resulting in open ports and a missing backup plan. Just imagine all the other possible knowledge a DevOps Engineer e.g. can bring into it or a QA Engineer, QA Manager, or Tester, who can be a valuable support. Not every project always needs them, but in a lot of situations, they are worth it. In my session, I want to give you some tricks and advice on how to shift your team to the QA mindset.  I hope my impulse helps you and pushes you right forward.

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