Load test as code for more agility (with Gatling)

Load test as code

With the Coronavirus crisis, more and more people have moved online to shop, get information and do what they could no longer do offline. With this influx of online users, many companies realized that their applications were not designed to handle such large loads. Some companies never even considered that load had an impact on their applications. When we think about testing, we often think of unit testing and integration testing, but rarely load testing. If you're not familiar with load testing, I'll explain in this talk what it really is and why you should implement it. We'll do a deep dive on the different types of load testing. We're also going to discuss code and no-code load testing. All of our examples will be shown with Gatling, an Open-Source Load-Test-As-Code tool. I've been working in the Gatling Corp tech team for many years and I'll be happy to share what I have learned from customer contact, and from the load tests I have run.

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