Injecting the QA Mindset

A story of vaccinating your team against buggy software

Come and learn what a QA mindset looks like. How to instil it in your team. What are some of the key behaviours to look for. What you can start doing to help your team achieve this mindset.

The Covid-19 vaccine is being rolled out across the world in large numbers to put an end to this pandemic. A pandemic that the world has been suffering through for months on end.

Buggy software has plagued the tech world since the advent of the computer. We need an antibody to help provide immunity against these bugs.

This antibody is the QA mindset and its time to inject your team with it. In this presentation Sufyan shares insight into what the QA Mindset looks like, how we go about injecting our teams with this QA mindset (no needles required!), how he did it, and some of the positive side-effects or behaviours to look for that tell you its working.

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