Fool's Journey

Break that vicious circle with help of metaphoric cards

We keep inventing new ways to develop software and we keep failing to do it successfully. If you are ready to be a fool I may have a possible solution.

We want to be successful. Individually and as a company. We’ve had agile now for 20 years and we keep inventing new ways to successfully develop software. And yet domain analysis still shows that only ca. 20% of software projects are on time and budget. Don’t lose hope!

In this talk I will share my perspective and possible solutions, but first you need to be ready to be a fool and do foolish things. Constructive thinking and problem-solving abilities are expected and rewarded in most business settings. Software development is logical and technical - and very often I see that the human factor gets lost. Year after year I see struggling humans.

It became my ‘thing’ to help them. This is why I became a trainer and is why I am becoming a coach. My main focus lies on invisibility and ignored (suppressed) emotions as impediments to our success. We humans can become stuck in our heads through talking about the issue in front of them. I am sure you are familiar with the feeling:- moving round and round the same problem again and again. Does it feel good? No! What can we do? How can we break that vicious circle?

My style is to change "the language”. Instead of words let's use pictures! Words appeal mainly to the consciousness and the expression of analytical, rational thinking. Pictures appeal directly to feelings and intuition, and thus are often able to bypass the rational barrier, the “smart filter.” Pictures often communicate and shape complex information into one idea. They bring everything together into a much simpler format than mere words do. Since the 1980s, usage of “metaphoric cards” - picture language - has been a well-known and a widely used method in therapy and coaching.

In my talk, I explain my take on this method and how you can use it individually or in groups. In the hands-on workshop we dive deep in the picture world and I share some ways how to use them to help to illustrate complex issues or to find new perspectives and approaches or simply to give feedback. Let's make invisible visible, put humans in the centre of software development and be successful by creating solutions to what matters.

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