Containerize a Legacy Software App and implement CI/CD

A DevOps Progress Report

Legacy Software Applications are not disqualified for the "DevOps" world. A key point is to find a proper strategy how to prepare the apps step by step for introducing DevOps

A legacy software application, which development was launched more than two decades ago and which is used by almost all major manufacturer of the automotive industry, experienced significant changes during the last years: Agile software development was introduced, the application was promoted to a strategic platform product of the company. In addition the „first generation“ of just three developers was extended to three agile teams and an attempt was made to go towards to DevOps.

This is the starting point at which we began our journey, as „new generation“ of the development, responsible for establishing agile software development for the very first time and for implementing a powerful, stable and state of the art continuous delivery pipeline almost from the scratch. The next challenge was to take advantage of containers: deploying to containers, using it for the infrastructure, ...

So, how does the transition of the infrastructure towards to DevOps and to containerization look like - considering these preconditions? Which DevOps metrices could be measured and improved?

This story is intended as a progress report: it is about the strategies and their successes/failures, told from the perspective of a Product Owner and of a DevOps Engineer.

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