Breaking into Cyber-Security

Ever wondered if you should venture into IT-Security? Or wondered why you should care at all? What you could gain? I'll share my experiences.

I'll use my path as an example to give you an idea on how to get into cybersecurity. I'll explain how to put testers skills to good security use, even if you don't want to switch careers ...yet.

IT-Security has been quite a buzzword for some time now and everyone is talking about it. But why?

Especially since almost everybody is working from home now. Some think it's a hype. But there are strong indicators that it has gained so much momentum for a reason. I'll highlight some of those reasons. Using my experience into IT-Security as an example we'll explore some of the various ways how "a tester" can get into security. IT-Security is sometimes still presented as "the mystical dark art" - trust me, it isn't. Sure, there are still some - really - nerdy things going on, but that shouldn't deter you from considering going into IT-Security. If you want to, that is!

I'll give you some good reasons why you should definitely have at least an eye on the security of your product. Your expertise in spotting problems is needed. More than you think. You can do it and you already have what it takes! For example you're a "Question Asker", you're a domain expert and you know the value of proper documentation. Let's go explore!

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