AgileTD Late Night Talk Show

As with any talk show, the format is fun and interactive with the performers, guests, audience. We form this from a whole for the ATD community.

It’s really YOUR show!

Talk shows have an edge too – it’s an entertaining but also challenging genre that will be joining the ATD best of talks and goings on and does this in a public show format, so it’s both collective and personal, interpersonal and encouraging you to feel even more a part of the ATD Experience. Share the interactions that make the conference so memorable.


Our host Daniël Maslyn goes back to the early days of the ATD. He is also known for leading the interactive “ATD Late Night Cabaret” but this year he is taking a temporary break from the Cabaret to show another facet. We can watch the transformation becoming even more sensational and as fun and sometimes controversial as ever and this time in a bigger space for a larger audience. Like good Talk shows, it’s difficult to define because it is a hybrid, an intersection where we will combine various media genres, and at a rapid engaging pace. No matter what your role in testing or Agile is this Talk Show is open and there is something for everybody in the audience and you are part of the broadcast live and recorded in real time.

So be ready for great discussions, entertainment, debate, narration, confession, or even testimonies. Be ready to Share the ATD Experience at the Agile Discovery talk Show.

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