Virtual Bar Night with Scavenger Hunt

Join Gitte for this interactive online bar!


Be aware that there is a seperate signup for this bar at the bottom - and that you will be working with others :)



One of the things you can experience at a conference is to do fun things and solve tasks together with other people, whether they are known to you or someone you have just met.

And being online, we will offer this virtually at Agile Testing Days this year :)

Sometimes you just want to hang out at a bar and talk, or just be there – if that is the case, you can join on of the other great virtual bars that is offered this evening :)

If you choose to join this bar, you will take part in a virtual scavenger hunt together with 4 other participants.
You will have to find things and solve a task together with your team mates – and if you want: present the result to the rest of the bar :)

We will be using Zoom for this bar; you will get the most out of it, if you have downloaded the client, but it is also possible to join via a browser.

We will start slowly at 19.45 (CET) with talking and getting people in, making sure that everyone’s tech is working and such. And then at 20.00 Gitte will explain the rules and you can get started on your scavenger hunt.

If you want to join, please sign up here:




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