November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


Show yourself!

Surviving the transition from individual contributor to leader

Leadership is a different role than being an individual contributor. We'll work on the tools you need to manage the transition.

The transition from individual contributor to a leader is something that many IT professionals face. All too often, we see this as the next step in a career path, when in actual fact leadership is a completely different role with different work – and a different skillset!

It’s also not a role you can learn by checking out tutorials or blogs for the necessary technology. Watching others can help, but there might not be many role models for you – and they might have different leadership styles.

You need to identify and hone your tools in a workshop setting – like this one!

What will this workshop do?

- Provide you with tools to survive as a leader

- Share things we wish we’d known from the start

- Set you up for success

- Help you see what things can you take from your knowledge about agile and testing to help you in the new role

- Hands-on exercises and sharing with the group

- Examples of exercises:

- Establishing your values, rules and boundaries.

- Describing your stress monster.

- Understanding your work and the value of your work (which is hard to measure)

You don’t have to be a manager to join this workshop, you might be e.g. in an architect or team lead role. Basically, if you’re responsible for creating visions for others and also “managing” those visions with people, then this workshop is for you.

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