November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


Running Risk Assessment Sessions

Running a risk assessment session can help improve your communication and the quality of your product.

Risk is a feature of every project. We work to minimize it when we’re aware of it and mitigate it regardless. However, we have very few avenues to actually discuss risk in a formal way with our team mates. This is why we need Risk Assessment Sessions.

Join Jenny Bramble as she leads the group through the five stages of a well run risk assessment session before participants break off into smaller groups to run their own mini risk assessment sessions on an example application!

Pick your features: How do we select the features for a risk assessment session? Jenny will suggest several methods including grouping by pages and user stories.

Pick a rating system: How do we talk objectively about the risks we’re uncovering? We select a rating system and then give it value.

Level-set your rating system: What does our system mean? Jenny will lead the group in level setting your rating system using input from business and product (gathered from real users of the system we’ll be using!)

Assign values: This is the year of the session. Expect hearty discussions on what features are and how important they are to the system over all. Jenny will be on hand to answer and guide.

Re-evaluate those values: While this is normally done as part of the risk assessment session, we’ll use our debrief to talk about the values we came up with and what lead us there.

You’ll come away from the session with a deeper understanding of risk, its place in our sprints, and hands-on experience with risk assessment sessions.

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