November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices

Teams need to deal with impediments as they slow them down or block the delivery of products. Find out how you can handle impediments effectively and faster and practice your problem-solving skills.

Agile brings problems to the surface and provide solutions for addressing them. Learn in this Problem-solving workshop how to recognize, analyze, and solve problems using agile thinking and practices.

Impediments can be something in the way of working, be it processes, tools, or organizational rules or structures. They slow down teams or block the delivery of products or services. Agile can help to identify problems, it tends to bring problems to the surface and provides solutions for addressing them.

Teams will face problems in their daily work. Agile calls these problems impediments. Teams need to be able to deal with impediments as they have an impact on the flow of work, they are problems that reduce outputs and results.

In the workshop Problems Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices, you will learn how to recognize, analyze, and solve problems effectively and faster using agile thinking and practices.

You will practice:

Recognizing signals of problems, and creating safety in teams (and beyond) for people to bring up problems

Analyzing problems, for example by using causal analysis, Cynefin, serious games, blameless post-mortems, retrospectives, swarming, or blocker analysis

Managing impediments using techniques from Lean & Kanban; decide how to solve them and who should be involved

Preventing problems using quality techniques like code walkthrough/reviews, pairing, CI/CD

Using coaching and games to improve collaboration and develop problem-solving skills

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