November 10 – 12, 2020

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How to create the best teams: Together! [WORKSHOP PART]

Self-selecting teams. The people on the teams know best.

In agile we feel that the people who are affected by choices should make the decisions. So why not go a step further and let people design and select the teams they work in?

In agile we feel that decisions should be made by the people who are affected by these choices the most. So why not let people design and select the teams they want to be a part of?

It all starts with the design of your teams. What are the goals, how many teams do we want and need, what will the purpose be of each team, what skills and knowledge is needed to fulfil this purpose of the team and reach our goals as a whole. When this is clear the self-selection starts.

Managers might find the self-selection idea tricky and challenging; how do I know I will get the right teams? Team members might worry no one wants them in their team, like in the gym-class at school. Although most will agree that the people working in the teams know best how to create teams, there might be some reserve to actually do it.

How can we all help organisations and people overcome these fears and help and support them in this process of self-designing and self-selection of teams?

In the talk we will share some theory about self-design and self-selection of teams and our own experiences with this. We will go through the steps of the process; from idea to the design and the self-selection event to the aftercare, which might span a period of a couple of months. Next to that we interviewed some organisations in the past months and years how they executed their self-selection and will incorporate their stories in this talk as well to get you a broad view.

During the workshop you will experience a self-selection event from beginning to end. Together we will create multiple teams to make the experience as real as possible. It will be informative and fun to do! You will be challenged and actually feel what it’s like to select your team and see and hear how others experience this.

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