November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


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Demystifying Test Strategy

Strategize your way to Testing bliss

So here is the backdrop, you recently joined a project or even a new company and you are asked that daunting question, can you create a

Test Strategy? Where do you even begin?

When you get a huge blank canvas to define the test strategy from the scratch, it’s too overwhelming to decide where to start from and how. But there are some key areas that we have found that are crucial to help in creating a strategy, we conveniently place these aspects into specific buckets. The buckets that we define include People, Process and Technology, which ensures you have an all encompassing strategy.

In this talk we will share some of the approaches and tools that have helped us in defining a solid strategy in our environments. The magic starts with a brainstorming approach, which uses simple tools that most of us already have at our disposal like mind-maps, wikis and various collaboration tools.

These basic tools can assist in creating a well rounded strategy and inherently have some key features (like collaborative and relevant) that modern strategies within Agile settings should exhibit. We will cover many areas that one needs to consider when defining a strategy for example: testing involvement in the agile process, test automation, defect logging and so much more.

Let’s uncover and discover a new way to strategize.

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