November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


Better Stories with User Story Mapping and Example Mapping

Our requirements are rarely well understand or well specified. We'll show you how to change that using two powerful techniques: User Story Mapping and Example Mapping.

We often struggle when it comes to figuring out exactly how we should work together, as testers, developers, business analysts, and product owners. We struggle to get clear requirements and vision.

Three Amigos gets thrown around a lot as an idea: one to build, one to enquire, one to specify. But how do we actually run a three amigos session so that everyone gets their ideas across and we gain genuine shared understanding? How do we know we’ve covered everything we need? That’s tricky.

During this session, you’ll learn to use User Story Mapping and Example Mapping; simple, easy, and quick techniques to bring everyone together for effective results.

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