bAd-gile: The Online Gameshow

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This Bonus Keynote is the best way to kick-off the Intergalactic Online Game Night 2020

Join your starry hosts Alex, Huib and Bart for the gameshow every scrum-butter is afraid to watch! We know agile inside and out, and we know about good testing principles in agile. But so often they are destroyed, misaligned and downright broken! In this highly interactive and entertaining keynote, our moderator Bart will test Huib and Alex and their teams on various agile topics – to find out where we really are “bAd-gile”.

Do you want to be part of this amazing show? Tell us, and we'll get you on stage!

For this keynote we (Bart Knaack, Alex Schladebeck and Huib Schoots) need people who want to tell short stories. During the keynote we will get you live on stage with us in Crowdcast and you get 42 seconds to tell your best (or rather worst) badgile story. This means: agile gone wrong is the worst possible way. It can be anything, be creative. 

Have you got a bAd-gile Story to share? Let the AgileTD team know you want to share your story. Get your 42 seconds of fame in a keynote! Write us at

Hope to see you on stage with us Wednesday November 11th!


Attend this Online Gameshow and get ready for an extraordinary keynote that will be entertaining and thought-provoking!


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