NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


You have fears and doubts, too

Becoming better in coaching the team you are in begins with becoming better yourself.

You work towards improvement and helping teams bridge difficulties. But what happens when you have fears bringing solutions forward to a difficult problem or situation? How do you know teams are actually helped by what you do? Do they appreciate your work or are they better off without you? Who is coaching the coach, scrum master, manager, tester or whatever your role is? You are helping people overcoming their doubts and fears, but who helps you?

If some of these questions keep your mind busy then this workshop is the place for you to be!

In the course of the last year we have been sharing their challenges and fears. Ultimately coaching each other to become a better version of themselves. In this session, we would like to share what we’ve been through and give you the opportunity to learn from them and share what you’ve done when you were in our shoes. We then set a safe space using liberating structures to let you share your doubts and fears when helping teams and individuals, which we will then help you to overcome.

Our coaching story started at Agile Testing Days 2018 where we made a pact to help and support each other in our coaching journey. Having being coaches for some years now we looked for a joint challenge to improve ourselves. It’s time to share what we’ve learned and help you!

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