NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Women and Allies Evening Gathering


Agile Testing Days actively fosters a diversity of voices within our community. We believe that we are all necessary, and we can all contribute, to make our communities and workplaces happy, vibrant and reflective of all the people who are part of them.

Last year the Women and Allies Evening was an open session to discuss issues relating to inclusion, diversity and doing all we can to ensure that we have a safe environment to work, for all of us, and all of our colleagues.

This year, following on from Kevin’s Keynote about mental health, we’ll be opening up the session so you can discuss any subjects related to stress, anxiety, burn-out and depression, as well as any issues related to inclusion and safety that effect or concern you.

As ever though - The Women and Allies Gathering is your event. What we’ll discuss is entirely up to you - the evening is designed with a simple format so you can raise what’s important to you, and hear and learn from each other. Bring your puzzles and wishes, your experiments and hopes, or simply come to meet like minds and soak up the atmosphere.

Usually discussions take place in small groups, and then we gather once in a while to share if you want.

You’ll walk away with new insights, confidence, connections, and, hopefully, an action item that is going to make a difference to you or your colleagues. You’ll leave knowing you have contributed to making our special software testing community a place you feel part of, and one that you can shape going forward.


Best Regards,

Kevin and Gitte.


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