NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


The mysterious art of taking your direction in the dark

How to define my goals and make sure my actions are taking me towards them

Personal development can be treated as an agile project where you cut the dream into small actionable tasks and after completing one, evaluate whether you are moving into correct direction or not.

In the middle of our hectic lives, it’s easy to get stuck running in the hamster wheel. To focus on climbing over any obstacles we happen to face, and achieving rewards that seem to fit the social rules around us. As a result, we get tired, we may miss crucial bugs, we may even loose grip off what we really are or want to be. We need to take time to distance ourselves from the action, to evaluate what’s guiding us and whether that’s where we want to be going to.

In this talk I want to discuss about defining ones own goals. Finding a balance between aiming for short term and long term goals, professional goals and personal goals. Evaluating whether my actions are taking me towards my goals or not, and whether my goals need to be changed.

If you feel lost and wonder whether you even have goals, after this talk it should be easier to recognize and formulate your goals. If you feel weary over not achieving your goals, after this talk you may find it easier to evaluate your goals and how your actions relate to them. And if your life goals are all neat and tidy, you may find some understanding for those around you whose lives seem to be an uncontrolled mess.

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