NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Selenium - Silver Bullet or just a Hammer?

Is Selenium to continue it´s long lasting growth, or is it´s competition already outperforming it?

Selenium has become quite a buzzword when it comes to automation in testing: No matter if you check job advertisements for testers or read through online forums about testing, you can’t get around Selenium.

Maybe that’s not so surprising, knowing that Selenium is around since 2004, so it might already be called a software-dinosaur: It’s well established and one of the standards for web automation; even lots of managers know it at least by name.

Since it seems to be used in a vast amount of automation projects, there’s a saying coming to my mind: “If your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail.”

In the concrete context of software test automation: Everybody’s heard of Selenium, most people knows it’s a tool for automation, and a lot of testers have Selenium skills.

Following the saying about the hammer, asking “Is Selenium misused as a hammer, because it’s the only tool testers know?” is a very valid question.

Or maybe it’s even seen as a “silver bullet”, the one magical solution that fits all different kind of problems.

In this talk I will showcase different usages of Selenium, from “Your problem looks like a screw, why are you using a hammer?” to “Wow, I wouldn’t have thought of a hammer could be the perfect solution to that problem”, representing good and creative usages of Selenium – and also less optimal usages of the tool.

The session tries to give new insights on how to utilize Selenium and also give some hints on when not to use it, it’s meant for everybody involved in test automation or people thinking about to get started with it.


Interesting use cases of Selenium the audience might not yet know about

Alternative tools that can be better suited for certain purposes than Selenium

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