NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


RIMGEN: 6 heuristics for better bug investigation

Investigating and reporting bugs in a way that makes it easier to make decisions about them and fix them is a valuable skill for testers. One way to get better at this is to use RIMGEN.

Once we discover a bug, we want to investigate and share information about it in a way that will help team members fix it fast, and help stakeholders make informed decisions around it. How can we get better at that?

We will practice with using six bug advocacy heuristics proposed by Cem Kaner:






and say it in a Neutral tone.

While these seem straightforward, there is a lot of skillful investigation behind some of them. We’ll look at how to actually use these heuristics on concrete bugs, and offer guidance in making the most out of them.

We’ll be using the RIMGEN postcards ( to organize our investigation and learn about the deeper meaning of each heuristic.

By the end of the workshop, you will get a better understanding of what each heuristic means and how you can use it.

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