NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Re-Do of Leading SAFE and REAL agile change

Managers need not fear for their role in the agile organisation; they can be key drivers of a valuable change!

Leading means knowing where to go now, not merely where one would love to be some day.

Tall tales in conference sessions tell us to go for self-organisation, allowing anyone to contribute to his / her fullest and allowing anyone to be a leader. For a fleeting moment, that sounds awesome. But back home, without those coaches around looking at the world through teal glasses, you’ve got no clue how to make it happen. Other than perhaps going all in on blind faith and hoping for the best.

In this short workshop we’ll explore and experience core elements of how people lead in self-organising settings. It will help us understand why just stopping some things and declaring to be self-organising from now on so rarely works. We’ll find out that introducing and leaving room for this new style of leadership is vital. And we’ll find it can be done one step at a time, should be done one step at a time.

Managers need not fear for their role in the agile organisation; they can be key drivers of a valuable change by creating and maintaining the environment in which all can thrive and deliver value.

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