Pairing & Automation from First Product Version to Release

Learn how we can continuously test and apply our learnings as the development of product goes by

Let’s deep dive into some challenges we face in our daily life testing activities and software development and bring out some ideas to improve them.

In this workshop, we will start from a first product version which we will test, debug and fix together. We will practice pairing and see how we can continuously test and apply our learning as the development of the product goes by. This workshop includes engaging the audience, coming up with some cool ideas together, sharing our experiences in this domain, sharing how we work at eBay and not to promote any processes, tools or utilities.

Here are the main topics we will cover:

Exploratory testing

TDD/Coding practices

Automation at different application layers

Testing with mocks

Who should participate? Everyone who is interested in learning about the e2e journey of a tester and is keen to learn something new. Ideally, you have some experience with creating automation and have a basic setup for any technology or language on your computer.

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150-min Workshop

14:25-17:25 Creative Space Room - Track 9: Workshops & Open Space

ScrumTale simulation game

Equipment required

30-min New Voice Talk

14:25-14:55 Room F1 - Track 1: Talks

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30-minute Talk

16:55-17:25 Room F2 - Track 2: Talks

Five Quick Ideas to Improve your Executable Specifications

Full-Day Tutorial (6 hours)


Experiential Coaching

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