November 9 – 12, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


No Code Automation

Automation has become a necessity in the corporate world, but many companies decide not to use it due to complexity. Leapwork has removed the complexity and changed the world of automation.

LEAPWORK is transforming work on a global scale.

At LEAPWORK, we believe in the transformative power of technology to set us free; to make us happier, more productive, and to connect people and businesses better.

But somewhere down the line something went wrong. A piece of code broke, leaving automation software in the dark, unable to make a real impact. It’s a wrong we’ve set out to set right.

We want to give the common employee and every company around the globe the power to automate any and every software process. Based on a visual language. No coding needed. No developer dependency.

But we not only enable companies to automate. We empower businesses and employees to reclaim ownership over process automation and digital transformation. And we believe it is important. Why? Because it enhances productivity. Because it increases job satisfaction. And in the process, we’re transforming work on a global scale.

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