November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Match the ET charter

Are the choices and actions a tester makes while following a test charter obvious for observers?

Improve your ET insights and skills by reversing the process.

So, you know how to make a good test charter for your ET. But how good are you in sticking to your goal? Are you easily distracted? Do you miss things due to assumptions or biases? How can you tell?

In these hands-on sessions, we let you pick an ET charter and set you to it. Another tester observes you and tries to figure out, based on your strategy, which charter you’re following. After the session, you check whether they have it right, and you can discuss whether the choices you made were logical, and in scope of the charter. What was your strategy? How can it me improved?

Do you have some eye-openers for the observer? Does the observer has some eye-openers for you? Find out by

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