November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Losing Body Weight & Gaining Product Quality

Chrishan Perera

Principles from Quality Engineering

Dos and Don'ts of Dieting for Product Quality

How to get started with either

Mindset for short-term and long-term results


Losing Body Weight & Gaining Product Quality

How I utilized principles from Quality Engineering to lose weight and what dieting can teach us about increasing Product Quality.

There are open secrets and commonalities in losing body weight and gaining product quality. Often the important big points are missed, this is way both fail commonly.

In the four months since the Agile Testing Days 2018 I’ve lost over 25kgs of body weight. People keep asking me, what my secret is, what I’m doing that’s apparently working, and why I’m doing “this”. After explaining it multiple times I realized that it has a lot in common with how I’m working with Product Quality as a Quality Engineer. Now I want to share with you the secrets and commonalities of losing body weight and gaining product quality. I will show how I utilized principles from Quality Engineering in my so called “weight loss journey” and how I use the do’s and don’ts of losing weight and dieting in my daily work. You might even learn a thing or two about health, setting goals, fitness, metrics, and dieting.

With basically anything, the biggest challenges are getting started and keeping it going. Let me show you, how I got started in both my personal life and work, and how I still keep it going. But let me tell you this: If you think my “weight loss journey” is about losing weight and “gaining product quality” is about increasing the quality of the product, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

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