November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Lessons from the detective duo Sherlock & Watson

Geoffrey van der Tas

Marta Woźniak-Semeniuk

How to detect and see the smallest things to improve your software

How to process information effectively to provide faster feedback

How to do your own deductions to find the real cause of bugs

How to become an effective team and take a shared responsibility


Lessons from the detective duo Sherlock & Watson

Learn techniques that detectives use to learn to test more effectively

Detectives have great investigative skills & testers can learn something from that!

This talk is about the exploring part of testing. Where/When details matter, investigating information properly and knowing how to spend your time wisely with the enormous time pressure. This is something that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson do. And they do it great! Only their goal is to tackle the mysteries this world has to offer and trying to solve them. To prevent something bad from happening. But we as testers will not focus on solving crimes, capturing killers or finding missing persons. No, we tackle the mystery of delivering high quality software and solving quality issues from hurting our customers.

During this talk we will discover how Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson do their job. How do they solve crimes? How do they spot so many details? How do they process the great amount of information? How do they organize important information from the rest? And what made them as an effective duo?

Sherlock as a world renowned detective, a great mind and someone with a eye for the smallest details.

Watson with his reliability, flexibility and understanding of human emotions. He was always ready for the new adventure of a new case.

We will show how to become a better tester, work more effectively as a team and how to deliver quality better, faster with some key values from this effective duo. And will do it in a fun and exciting way as a presenters will take the form of this duo

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