How to improve the I in Agile

Better team performance has everything to do with the performance of each individual. How can we improve quality and testing by giving more attention to the I!

How to improve team and individual performance and looking at the balance between communication and concentration, this will improve your testing and quality!

Working in an Agile team is fun, no doubt about that. But a team consists of individuals and as an individual, we have to create code, perform tests, write user stories, etc. This means that we need time for ourselves to get things done. This means concentration. How to balance your team and personal performance between communication and concentration?

This will be the main topic of my talk from my experience as a volleyball coach. In volleyball, we are working with a team of 6 persons on a limited court of 81m2. This means an incredible dependency on how you act and others react to you: every move of one person has consequences for another teammate. How do we deal in volleyball with the balance of communication versus concentration? As a coach with education and experience in sport psychology, I will elaborate on how important concentration, motivation, confidence, and arousal is: these should be on a high, balanced level to perform. I will link these categories to how you can apply this in a team where you have to test. E.g. session based testing gives you great opportunities to work concentrated. And how to have a maximum performance I will tell the attendees more about how you can use targets, visualization, self-talk and self talk to increase the concentration, confidence, motivation, and arousal.

I present a talk with interesting examples of what we can learn from a sport with the ultimate result that you perform better as a tester in an Agile team: your I in an Agile team!

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