NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


How to build a diverse team – for real?

A short story on how to drive change towards a culture which is open for diversity aspects.

Building a culture which is open for diversity is a shared concern and it is a conscious decision to support it. By just focusing on gender diversity as a problem you are compromising your culture.

In this talk I want to share my experiences how to build a truly diverse team. Diversity is not only about gender aspects, it is also around shared values, culture and mindset. The buzzword is all over the place in books, social media and job ads, but how does the reality look like in our industry? What do you need as a prerequisite to drive change towards teams that live “diversity”. How do you set the base? How do you retain and continuously improve the culture? Do we need OKR’s or KPIs to support a diversity initiative? How can an agile way of working support your aims?

The talk will provide you insights from two perspectives: A change agent on organizational level and a female leader within IT industry.

Besides the key learnings above I will provide you with examples on

  • How to start small within your own team

  • How to adopt job ads

  • How to handle salary and part-time factors

  • How to distribute work equally .

My aim is to share my story with you how I focus on building a diverse culture. I might not have all the answers however I feel this is a topic which needs awareness and it may sparks inspiration to others.

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