November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


How Testing Science Fiction became The Testing Fact

Testing involving Robotics and AI was considered "Science Fiction" only a short time ago. Now it is becoming quickly the trend in a concrete "Way To Go".

Test automation heralded in the "hands free" generation and paved the way for automation linked to "intelligent platforms". It's time to rethink Testing for an AI & Robotic driven world "For Real".

There is and has always been buzzwords and hype about Intelligent AI systems and automation. Not long ago, if you mentioned you could configure a Tool to define, run and report on your testing in almost all contexts, most replies to this would be a skeptical reaction. It didn’t take long for things to change. This was largely due to the removal of technological roadblocks to get it all moving in a pragmatic and cost-efficient way. AI enhanced and robotic automation testing is “for real” due to super-fast computers, powerful data pools, integrated neural networks, and “intelligent” testing platforms created with the collective lessons learned from testers such as yourself from the past which are “translated” into useful algorithms and fully automated pipelines. Though humans are still an integral part of the picture, looking into the future these systems will only get better and better and even more autonomous. You might be surprised what aspects of Testing you thought could never be automated that are fast becoming a realistic Fact and less of a “Science Fiction Dream”. Join us in discovering how these systems came into being and how they are used to help your testing now and why these tools and systems are particularly suitable for the Agile and Dev/ Ops driven business contexts of today. Learn how to get the most out of this way of testing for your testing efforts today, how to get started and keep moving ahead and looking into how this will lead to even more innovations in the very near future which you will either create yourself or witness very soon. The Fiction of the distant past becomes the Fact of the near future. The best way to be positioned is in the “Here and Now” and to better know where this wave of intelligent platform testing was, where it is now and where it is most probably going. On the basis of real-world examples and tools and techniques with examples such as: algorithm driven test design, predictive dashboards, dynamic reporting, machine learning, etc., you will see how AI enhanced & Robotic driven testing can not only be conceived but also achieved.

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