NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Guiding Yourself and Others With the Responsibility Process

How to Help Team Members, Co-Workers and Others Take Responsibility for Their Behaviour at Work.

Christopher Avery's Responsibility Process can be a great orientation method for teams. Learn how the process works, and how you can use it do guide others.

The Responsibility Process has taught many people all over the world how to approach their problems and their behaviour differently. It teaches us how we can leave blaming others, justifying or coping with a problem, feeling ashamed or obligated, behind us. And take responsibility for our lives.

As Christopher Avery points out, the Responsibility Process only works self-applied. We can not expect to others to “be” responsible. But we can invite them, by sharing the models and thoughts, be guiding them through their own process.

This session is about this guidance. It can be extended to a full day workshop, as the official “Leading and Coaching the Responsibility Process” by Christopher Avery.

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