NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Context Driven Everything

Are you aware of the context you are in? Do you use that awareness to its full potential?

Our behaviour and interactions are all driven by the context we find ourselves in. Being Context Driven is a skill to use that awareness to your advantage. Are you context driven?

While driving our car on the highway we know that we can switch lanes, we know what speed we are allowed to drive and we know what our car can do for us on the highway. A lot of times we know that in our subconsciousness, but what if you look at that from a conscious level? Would you maybe act differently at certain moments?

Everything we do takes place in a certain context. Whether it’s doing grocery shopping, developing software or driving your car. The context determines how we look at things, how we interact with them and it even determines how we behave.

In this talk, Klaartje and Patrick will talk about the opportunities your context gives as long as you are aware of the fact THAT THIS context exists. They will share their own experiences and how they benefitted from that awareness.

Being aware of the context gives you the opportunity to make better decisions for your tooling, for the way you interact with your software and for the way you do your day to day work. Its your responsibility to use the context to your advantage.

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