NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


"Britannia rules the waves" & "Testing rules the sprint"

At least one of them is true - isn't it ?

If Britannia is still ruling the waves (as enthusiastically performed in the the last night of the proms song "Rule Britannia") - who is ruling an agile sprint? PO, ScrumMaster, programmer, tester...?

The “last night of the proms” in London’s Royal Albert Hall every year celebrates the so to say informal national anthem “Rule Britannia” – enthusiastically performing the chorus lines “Britannia rule the waves”.

Viewing this, thoughts drifted towards an idea about “Who is ruling an agile sprint by the way?” – if the Britons postulate this, can we postulate that “Testing rules the sprint” ? Is one more true than the other ? Who is really ruling a sprint, where are the responsibilities ?

An interesting tour through history of europe and sw-development starts.

Join me in the quest of finding an answer to this.

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