NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Bell Bottoms & Beyond

Present Clues for a Bittersweet Future

Given the patterns of recent advancements in technology, what kind of future could unfold in 5-20 years timeframe?

The talk would introduce recent advancements in the core technologies e.g, client side scripting, micro services, protocols, information exchange formats and their role in the coming years (near future). The talk would also take these as basis and some of the pointers raised by AI and ML’s involvement to discuss further evolution of some of the said technologies. The talk indicates how bell bottoms are back in technology areas.

The talk is not about general impact of AI. The talk also avoids discussion on fear of AI singularity & AI apocalypse (I leave that to AI experts and bigshots).

This talk is more pragmatic and grounded in the context of software industry. It focuses on impact of the ongoing technology changes on software development and role of developers & testers.

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